Is it time to upgrade?

We know that moving homes is a part of life.  As our life changes so does what we need in a home.  If any of the following have occurred, you may be thinking now is the time to move:

  • Engaged or recently married
  • Having a baby (or another one!)
  • Change in job / promotion
  • Kids starting school and wanting to move to be in a better school
  • Combining households
  • Increase in income / inheritance

We have personally moved multiple times.  John originally owned a home in EADO and Jihye lived in Memorial West.  After getting married we moved to the Heights…then again when we were expecting our first child…and then again a year after the second boy came along.  We know that the home you start out in is usually not your dream home, and many times the home people buy while single is not going to also be the most ideal home for raising a family in.  We can empathize with clients when they have that desire to move and need more space or prefer different home amenities.

Given our experience we are very knowledgeable about the different areas and neighborhoods that people are moving to as they advance through their stages in life.  One feedback comment we love receiving from clients is: ‘We are so glad you recommended ‘xyz’ neighborhood.  We had no idea about this neighborhood but think this is where we want to buy.”

Another important factor to consider is that when upgrading there is generally a house or houses that need to be sold in conjunction with the new purchase.  We have been able to navigate clients through this process, whether that entails a lease-back period on their current home, a contingent offer on the next home, or some other solution to make sure our clients are not in an undesirable position of paying double mortgage on two properties for an extended period of time.

So whatever your reason is for wanting to upgrade, we want you to know that working with the Deveau Realty Team you will be advised by a team that has helped dozens of clients just like you.  Reach out to us today!